Saturday, September 8, 2012

Exclusive Contracts and Role of Medical Executive Committee

Exclusive Contracts and Role of Medical Executive Committee 
Recently the medical executive committee of a prominent local hospital made a decision that only one group of cardio-thoracic surgeons should be allowed to practice at the hospital. This decision was made without any input from the excluded cardiothoracic surgeon, who was left to his own devices. Vested self-interest of the favored group was never taken into consideration. With the advent of Affordable Care Act, such scenarios are going to be commonplace.  While such exclusive contracts may not be ethical, they are considered legal by DOJ. Therefore Medical Executive Committee must identify and manage the physician opinions and vested interests regarding each issue that comes before it and not allow one group’s self -interest to take precedence over others. In such challenging times, MEC must seek virtue of Solomonic sapientia in charting a course that balances the needs of all physicians on the medical staff to succeed while not forgetting that patients are the center of the medical universe. 
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